Natthaya’s Tips

There are a lot of things to consider before heading to a photoshoot.  Whether it’s a family session outdoors, or a headshot  session in studio, there are a few things I would like to remind you to take note of.

–    Coordinate your outfit.  If you are doing a session outdoors, especially in the winter, it’s nice to wear something to add a splash of colour to your images.  Also coordinate with others who will be in your photos with you.  Some members may be in long sleeves and others in sleeveless.  This can tend to look awkward in some shots.  It’s also a good idea to make sure your outfits compliment each other’s in colour.  You don’t necessarily have to all arrive in the same colour though.  Check out Pinterest for some great colour coordinating ideas.

–    Wardrobe change.  Whether in studio or outdoors, it’s nice to bring a jacket or sweater that can come off for a different look.  I definitely encourage this for headshots.  For example: A nice suit jacket for the more professional look, and a nice top underneath for a more relaxed look.  You’d be surprised at what your favourites might be when your photos come back to you.

–    What not to wear.  You do not want to wear dirty, wrinkled or linty clothes.  If you have pets who’s fur follows you out the door, you may want to pack a lint roller with you.  It’s also a bad idea to wear a printed t-shirt, or a shirt with a loud pattern.  Solid colour or subtle patterns are the way to go.  I also don’t recommend coming to a group/family photoshoot with a hat on, unless everyone is wearing a hat. If it can be removed without you stressing about your hair, then go for it!

–    Be Comfortable!  Be sure you feel good in what you’re wearing, because if you don’t, it may show in your photos.

–    Glam and Groom.  I especially want to encourage this for in studio headshots, as they are up close and in fantastic lighting.  Moisturize your skin and your lips.  Pluck those unwanted hairs (yes, we all have those!).  And take a little extra time on your hair and make-up (if that’s your preference).  Please keep in mind, I can retouch your photos as well, so don’t stress about that pesky pimple, stubborn scar, or unexpected bump or bruise.  Just make sure to ask about blemish removal. 

–    Bring on the bribe!  Yes, I said it; I am all about bribing kids when necessary.  When bringing your children to a photo session, sometimes they need a little incentive to stay put for the photos.  I will do my best to keep your children happy and smiling, but if you give them something to look forward to in the end of the session, this can work magic sometimes.  I also like to spend time with just Mom and Dad at the end of a session, so if there is something to keep you kids occupied when they are all done, we can get extra shots of just the two of you to add to the collection.

My main goal is to have you enjoy your experience and to look and feel incredible in every image we produce.  So if you take my tips into consideration, we’re off to a great start!